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TM 9-2320-272-24-1
Operation of a deadlined vehicle, without preliminary inspection,
may cause injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment.
Prior to troubleshooting tests, vehicle air pressure must be at
operating level.
Notify DS maintenance if corrective action does not correct the
a.  Troubleshooting procedures in this section are organized in a step-by-step format that directs tests
and inspections toward the source of a problem and a successful solution.
b.  The Symptom Index, used in conjunction
with the Functional Troubleshooting Diagram (Figure 2-1), is designed to direct the technician to the
appropriate troubleshooting section where specific problems and solutions are listed.
Repair of CTIS wiring harness is not recommended. However,
connectors are available for repair. Refer to para. 3-131 for wiring
harness repair procedures.
c.  For most system components connected by wiring or pneumatic tubing, intermittent malfunctions
are the most difficult to correct. In many instances, erratic operation can be traced to faulty electrical or
pneumatic connections. If a symptom description of the malfunction cannot be found in the Symptom Index,
checking the continuity and integrity
of all connections is the first step to finding
the problem.
d.  Before taking any action to correct a possible malfunction, the following rules should be followed:
(1)  Question operator to obtain any information that might help determine the cause of the
(2)  Never overlook the chance that the problem could be of simple origin and could be corrected
with minor adjustment.
(3)  Use all senses to observe and locate troubles.
(4)  Use test instruments or gages to help determine and isolate the problem.
(5)  Always isolate the system where mal-function occurs and then locate the defective component.
e.  This section cannot list all mechanical malfunctions that may occur. If a malfunction occurs that is
not listed in table Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) Troubleshooting Symptom Index, notify direct
support maintenance.


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